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Ship Repairs

Proficient in Automation and Instrumentation Repairs

• Engine room Bilge alarm panel and high-pressure pipe leak off alarm panel board installation and repair.
• Water Ingress Alarm System installation and commissioning.
• Automatic Bilge and ballast system (Electrohydraulic and Electro Pneumatic).
• Main Engine Control Console PCB.


Proficient in Ship’s Hull and Structural Repairs

• Proficiency in the Construction of a Vessel’s Hull and Framework.
• Approved class BY, DNV for the repair/renewal of the Ship’s Hull & Structure.
• Good stock of class plates in various thicknesses is available with class approved certificate.

Specialized in Chipping, De-rusting, Cleaning, and Painting

• Chipping, cleaning, and painting of main deck, cross deck, hatch coming, accommodation, etc.
• Chipping cleaning of TST, DB, and Cargo hold up to the upper framing area.
• Sludge and oil water disposal tank cleaning with certification.
• Comprehensive execution of all forms of scraping, purifying, and painting tasks.


Competent in Mechanical and Electronic Repairs

• Expertise in the repair of Engine Room and Deck Machineries.
• Mechanical experts and technicians headed by Marine Engineers carry out various Engine & Machinery Servicing and Repairs onboard the vessel.

Skilled in Repairing Diverse Hydraulic Machinery.

• Expertise in repair of various Hydraulic Operated System such as Hatch Cover, Deck Crane, Steering etc.