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Ship Inspection & Surveys

We have a pool of professionally qualified Consultants (Master mariners, Chief Engineers) offering services to Shipowners, Charterers, P&I Clubs, Underwriters, Lawyers and Loss Adjusters. We provide high quality services that include Risk Assessment, Vetting Solutions, Shipboard Inspections, Draft Surveys, Bunker surveys, On/Off hire surveys, Pre-purchase Inspection, Cargo interest representations, Audits, Condition Assessments, Marine & Shore based Personnel Training, Technical Advisory.

Areas covered by our surveyors and consultants:-

  • Representing owners, Charterers, cargo interests
  • Condition and Warranty Survey
  • Hull and Machinery damage Surveys
  • ON/OFF HIRE survey
  • Pre-purchase Inspections
  • Draft surveys, Bunker surveys and Tanker ullage surveys
  • Owner’s inspection and report in owner’s inspection format
  • Ship operator’s ship inspection and report in company reporting format
  • Internal audits
  • PSC inspection preparation and representing locally for PSC inspection in local ports
  • Cargo damage assessment and dispute representation
  • Stevedore damage, Jetty damage and Stevedore worker injury investigation
  • Pre-vetting, vetting preparation and representing during vetting inspection in local ports